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Recordings of previous GlobeLife seminars

Here you can find GlobeLife seminar recordings from previous years:

GlobeLife seminars 2022

GlobeLife seminars 2024

GlobeLife seminar on 19 April 2024: "Where do we go from here? Swedish research funding for collaborative research in LMICs after U-forsk". You can find a summary and the recording at the SWEDEV website or play it directly on YouTube.


GlobeLife seminar on 29 Jan 2024: "AI for diagnostics and prevention
from a global health perspective"

GlobeLife seminar on 6 Nov 2023: "Is the urban health advantage reversing?"

GlobeLife seminars 2023

GlobeLife seminar, in collaboration with SLU, on 11 September 2023: "Food production, nutrition and global health - sustainable food for all?"

GlobeLife seminar on 8 May 2023: "Global Health Governance and the State: Spotlight on India"

GlobeLife seminar on 20 March 2023: "Air Pollution and Health in South Asia: Challenges and Gaps"

GlobeLife seminar on 23 January 2023: "Ultra-processed foods: where do we draw the line?"


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