Recordings of previous GlobeLife seminars

GlobeLife seminars 2024

GlobeLife seminar on 19 April 2024: "Where do we go from here? Swedish research funding for collaborative research in LMICs after U-forsk". You can find a summary and the recording at the SWEDEV website.

GlobeLife seminar on 29 Jan 2024: "AI for diagnostics and prevention
 from a global health perspective"

GlobeLife seminars 2023

GlobeLife seminar on 6 Nov 2023: "Is the urban health advantage reversing?"

GlobeLife seminar, in collaboration with SLU, on 11 September 2023: "Food production, nutrition and global health - sustainable food for all?"

GlobeLife seminar on 8 May 2023: "Global Health Governance and the State: Spotlight on India"

GlobeLife seminar on 20 March 2023: "Air Pollution and Health in South Asia: Challenges and Gaps"

GlobeLife seminar on 23 January 2023: "Ultra-processed foods: where do we draw the line?"

GlobeLife seminar on 5 December 2022: "Violence against Children - A Multifaceted Action Plan"

GlobeLife seminars 2022

GlobeLife seminar on 24 October 2022: "UN Day Special: Climate change and health - What is the role of science?"

GlobeLife Seminar on 5 September 2022: "Equity in health for refugees and migrants - Challenges and opportunities"

GlobeLife seminar on 2 May 2022: "Addressing stillbirths: Getting numbers right, getting numbers down, and supporting grieve" 

GlobeLife seminar on 4 April 2022: "Oral Health – a global concern" 

GlobeLife seminar on 14 February 2022: "Sweden-Pakistan research collaborations –
Discovery of antimicrobial compounds and more..." 

A recorded presentation by Prof. Humera Jahan, ICCBS, Karachi University, that was not showed during the seminar above due to time issues.

GlobeLife seminars 2021

GlobeLife seminar on 6 December 2021 recording: "Current Controversies in Paediadric Pneumonia" (some parts of the seminar is missing in the recording because of disturbances during the Zoom meeting)

Presentation by Nick Brown, speaker

GlobeLife seminar 8 November 2021 recording: "Professionalism vs Activism in Global Reproductive Health - The Case of Medical Abortion and Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting"

Presentations by keynote speakers:

GlobeLife Seminar 20 September 2021 recording: "Lived experiences informing food policy"

Presentation by Dr Corinna Hawkes, keynote speaker.

GlobeLife Seminar 26 April 2021 recording: "World Malaria Day: Future tools and perspectives in the context of malaria control and elimination"

GlobeLife Seminar 22 March 2021 recording: "Debunking Disaster Myths"

GlobeLife Seminar 25 January 2021 recording: "Social Innovation for Global Health"

GlobeLife seminars 2020

GlobeLife Seminar 7 December 2020 recording: "Decolonizing Global Health Research and Education"

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