Photos from 22 August at DevRes 2022

Welcome & Plenary: Transforming development research for sustainability

Meena Daivadanam (Chair of the DevRes 2022 steering committee), Uppsala University/GlobeLife representative (photographer: Mikael Wallerstedt)
Lisa Schipper, the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford (photographer: Mikael Wallerstedt)
Ole Petter Ottersen, President of KI and Anders Hagfeldt, Vice-chancellor of Uppsala University (photographer: Mikael Wallerstedt)

Organized Sessions

Oral Presentations: Multisectoral research and policy transitions for energy systems and climate change 
Organized Session: Bridging research and policymaking in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda
Oral Presentation: Planetary and One Health: Meseret Bekele, Uppsala University

Afternoon break

(photographer: Mikael Wallerstedt)
(photographer: Mikael Wallerstedt)

Public event: Sweden’s New government strategy for research and development cooperation

Stefan Swartling Peterson (moderator), Karolinska Institutet/Uppsala University/GlobeLife representative (photographer: Mikael Wallerstedt)
The panelists (photographer: Mikael Wallerstedt)
Helen Eduards, Director General for International Development Cooperation at MFA (photographer: Mikael Wallerstedt)
Gabriel Wikström, Swedish national coordinator for 2030 agenda (photographer: Mikael Wallerstedt)
Carin Jämtin, Director General of Sida (photographer: Mikael Wallerstedt)
Anders Söderholm, Director General of UKÄ (photographer: Mikael Wallerstedt)
Ingrid Öborn, Chair, committee for development research, VR (photographer: Mikael Wallerstedt)

 Mingle and Dinner at Uppsala Castle

The band "Fat Cotton" entertaining after the dinner. (photographer: Hanna Taylor)

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