GlobeLife launch meeting 2020

Lina Wallberg UU, Adama Awasom-Fru UU, Prof. Anna Rutgersson UU, Prof. Anders Hagfeldt UU and Prof. Cecilia Stålsby Lundborg KI, Prof. Andreas Mårtensson UU, Prof. Stefan Swartling Peterson KI, UU, Eva Tiensuu-Janson, UU and Assoc. Prof. Meena Daivadanam UU, KI

GlobeLife was formally launched on the 12th of October 2020, at Humanistiska teatern Uppsala University, with attendance both on-site and online. Presentations on a variety of global health topics were made by representatives from both Uppsala University (UU) and Karolinska Institutet (KI). All photos taken by Mikael Wallerstedt.

Download the agenda

Download a report from the meeting.

Watch the video recording on Zoom of the meeting, in two parts below.

Here you can download the presentations from the meeting:

"Welcome to GlobeLife: Introduction, homepage and key objectives", Prof. Cecilia Stålsby Lundborg, KI and Prof. Andreas Mårtensson, UU

Prof. Andreas Mårtensson UU and Prof. Cecilia Stålsby Lundborg KI

"Towards Sustainable Health?", Prof. Stefan Swartling Peterson, UU, KI

Prof. Stefan Swartling Peterson, UU, KI

"Indirect health consequences of COVID-19", Prof. Anna Mia Ekström, KI 

Prof. Anna Mia Ekström, KI

"What is the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the climate?", Prof. Anna Rutgersson, UU

Prof. Anna Rutgersson, UU

If you are interested in the presentation by Assoc. Prof. Meena Daivadanam, UU, KI and Helle Mölsted Alvesson, KI, please contact them directly.  

Assoc. Prof. Meena Daivadanam, UU, KI and Dr. Helle Mölsted Alvesson, KI

Can artificial intelligence fill gaps in global health diagnostics? Prof. Johan Lundin, KI 

Prof. Johan Lundin, KI

Some photos taken during the break 

Prof. Birgitta Essén
Doctoral students Bronwen Holloway and Gbemisola Allwell Brown

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